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2008-05-27 19:25:22 by ramun-flame

Most Recent News: I'm send ing my wii in...:(

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Super Smash Brothers Brawl Sigs and Wallpapers.
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The Flame Lair

My New Avatar

2008-04-19 10:24:28 by ramun-flame

After alot of work, I've finally finished it. I made it using parts from three different fire emblem characters. One for the feet, one for the body, and another for the head. I also recolored them and changed a few thing. Whoever can guess them gets a cookie!

Bonus: The fire was also from a certain fire emblem monster...

My New Avatar

Super Smash bros Brawl Sigs and Wallpapers

2008-03-25 17:30:53 by ramun-flame

I'll make a SSBB sig or(and) wallpaper for any one who is interested.

Wallpaper Requirements:
-Background color(White or Black)
-Six characters. (Doubles allowed)
-Border color.

Click to see what it will look like.(Black Example)

Six Squares Sig Requirements:
-Give me your top 5 Characters
-What item you want on your sig.
-Also Style of text for your name.(optional)
-Name border color(the border around your name)

Final Smash Sig Requirements:
-Quote "An actual quote or an improvised one"

Party Sig Requirements:
-1 to 6 characters.(costume colors can be specified with this one)

Profile Sig Requirements:
-1 to 5 letter brawl name
-Top two brawl characters
-Favorite stage
-Item status(None, Low, Med, or High.
-Play style(?Stock or ?Time)
-Friend Code
-Background color(Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green.)

I'll also take special requests if you have something in mind.
They will end up looking like this.(See Below)

I'm going to stop checking this so pm me your request.

Super Smash bros Brawl Sigs and Wallpapers

Super Smash Bros Brawl Collection

2008-02-24 17:59:34 by ramun-flame

<EDIT>Since brawls out I won't add anything here so if you want info go to Brawl Central or The Dojo.

I'm Going to post all the info I can find here. Special Thanks to Super Smash Bros Crew!

All Pokemon(This is a very bad one, tell me if you find a better one)
All Assist Trophies

All Trophies
All Music

Subspace Emissary
Subspace Emissary Cutscenes - Part One
Subspace Emissary Cutscenes - Part Two
Subspace Emissary Cutscenes - Part Three
Subspace Emissary Cutscenes - Part Four
Subspace Emissary Cutscenes - Part Five
Subspace Emissary Cutscenes - Final

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
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Stage 5
Stage 6 Part 1
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Stage 7 Part 1
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Stage 8 Part 1
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Stage 9
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All Costumes
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All Congratulations Screens

I just got a DS Lite!

2008-02-20 19:10:22 by ramun-flame

It's black and awsome. I also bought Advanced Wars Days of Ruin.

If anyone wants to battle pm me your friend code! I want to see if I'm any good.

Fire Emblem Crew Role-Play

2008-01-02 14:42:28 by ramun-flame

I'm going to put all the rp posts here in order in order of when they were posted in the fireemblem crew. Before each post the name of the person who posted it will be stated.



[O]==========!RP START!==========[O]

Two thousand and thirty nine years in the past...

Alaric gripped his lance, growing colder in his confusion and anticipation of the impending doom. Beside him stood his fighting partner and friend, Lois. Lois was the girl, not the woman, the girl, who had been one of those who had been permanently damaged by the "Children of Light"'s regime. She had been raped nineteen times the past week, before she approached the "Valiant Queen" Maria, strangled her, and threw her off of the palace balcony. She had been only fifteen years of age. Her grip on her axe was firm, not shaky and halfhearted like Alaric's.

The mob seethed closer. There were trained soldiers, elite members of society, filthy peasants and and even many of the animal-men. Alaric shifted his sheild in front of his body, and lowered his lance. The bronze tip of his lance shook noticeably, which probably didn't help the Free's efforts to intimidate the angry people. Alaric wished in his heart that his hatred could be like that of his snarling partner.

As the former Corrupted charged, Alaric felt heavy sleet swirling around him. Arrows stuck into his sheild as he made lame attempts to look like an expert. His friend Lois had no sheild, but only an axe and some leather armor. She crumpled and died on the ground as an arrow sank into her brow. Alaric cried out and shook his fallen friend, but in vain, as the line of furious people reached the Free...

The Year 2047-Present

Rescel could almost feel the Spring thaw melting the snow away. The brightness of the sun felt good, rather than hot, and made walking beside the diplomatic convoy, rather than in the carraiges, much more tolerable. Rescel found it idiotic- What if an assassin snuck past the escort and into the carraiges? The carraiges weren't equipped with armed bodyguards, but only watchmen. The wagons that had ample space even with provisions and supplies could easily be ridden in, so why tire the escort?

Rescel could see the second gates coming up. There was the border, and then the secondary border. Both were heavily monitored.

Rescel didn't expect the border guards to react as they did. Since Zillara was the neighboring country, these people were probably used to the sight of the orange uniforms of Zillara.

The gate did not open as the front of the convoy stopped in front of it suddenly. The wagons behind it were slow to stop, and they all comically crashed into each other.

As the merchants who had come to trade all fretted over the bottle of apple oil that had been broken, or the vial of garrum that had gone missing, the Lord Tyrone stepped out of his carraige, a flustered expression on his face, and called up to the guards.

"Is there an explanation for not opening the gates? I believe the messengers from the first border should have informed you of my coming!"

"The High King of the Mountains, Jerod, has decided that you are not to pass! He warns you to turn away or else he will use deadly force!" responded the watchman, who was being watched over by an excessively buff armoured knight with rather low-quality equipment.

Lord Tyrone was silent in observant shock as he noticed that the watchman wore not the definitive blue of Claros, but rather simply stood clad in undecorated war gear. "Madness!" Lord Tyrone finally responded, "I demand my arranged audience with Lord Claros!" He shook his fist at the guard. "Bandits do not rule Claros or myself! What dog are you to deny a diplomat, a noble, his well intended passage to a diplomatic discussion?"

A stumbling bare-chested figure suddenly appeared and hung lazily over the wall. He had a large bottle of what was presumably liqour in his hand.

"You shut your wee mouth, pampered one! We wipe ou' own asses round 'ere!" and with that Jerod, the bandit king of East Nocturne, threw the bottle at Lord Tyrone. It smashed over his head, knocking him down and covering his clothes with ale.

How dare you! Thought all of the escort's members at once. A sniper shot off an arrow at Jerod, which cut off one of his locks.

"Ye dared! Kill 'em all, the swine!" roared Jerod. The gates opened fiercely as a varied mob of bandits charged through.

Rescel was not telling himself that there were too many people when he charged into the horde with his fellows. He only thought as everybody else did when there was a danger of what he was protecting, being destroyed.

As Lord Tyrone's guard crashed into the enemy lines, bandits slipped past their sparse numbers and began to raid the merchant convoy. The merchants' terrified cries for help rang with the din of furious battle.

Of course, with all of the bandits' eyes trained on money and lluxuries, their formation was shaky, and many were cut down with ease. Rescel knew what the scumbag directly in front of him was after, so he traded him his position in line for his vitals. Ressen retook his place in line to discover that Lord Tyrone's guard had enveloped the enemy forces, surrounding them as their reinforcements poured out.

"Lord Tyrone!" yelled a soldier in panic. Ressen looked up in wonder as a lance scratched his shoulder. Lord Tyrone was being held by that drunken slug, Jerod!

"Stop yer fightin', royal pets!" Jerod said with no sign of drunkenness at all. "Or I kill ya meal ticket!"

All of Tyrone's guard lowered their weapons with hopeless expressions.

"Ha har! Ah knew it!" Jerod said with a shit-eating grin. "Kill 'em all, men!"

The bandits crashed into the Zillaran line. One part of Rescel saw continuing the war of attrition, but the other part sought to save Lord Tyrone. He thrust his Light Brand in the direction of Jerod. A burst of light sailed out of the blade towards Jerod. To Rescel's dismay, Jerod dodged...and was hit by a short axe, thrown at him from below.

"Arrhargh!!" Jerod cried in shock at the stump that formerly held his hand, and Lord Tyrone. The axe boomeranged back to a paladin, who caught Lord Tyrone and the axe, then stampeded away.

"Men of Zillara!" bellowed Sephro, the commander of Rescel's unit, "Pull back! We have Tyrone!"

As the Zillaran guard retreated, jeers and insults were hurled between the sides, and after very breif scuffles with the bandits raiding the merchant caravans, the unit was able to get away.

"Lord Tyrone! Are you injured?" asked the paladin who had rescued him. Tyrone dismounted the horse and brushed himself off.

"The only thing that has been wounded is my feelings." Tyrone said jokingly. Then seriously, "When I get back to the king, I'll make sure Jarod pays. And I'll make sure we get to the bottom of this."

Meanwhile, close to the left border of Hillis, Ramun and his guards are travelling to Arae on a dirt road on horses...

Ramun started pondering his plan to make a peace treaty with the Area bandit king.

"I would like to make a deal with you...err Stay away from our border and we'll...",I practiced.

I realized I was not ready for this. How am I to get in anyway. Maybe pay the guards some money or knock them out from afar. The later saves some money, but that's a little cruel. If I wanted to get in I had to do his best not to anger anyone. The border was nearing. There were no guards. I guess it makes sense for bandits to be unorginized. We entered the small forest on the border. I planned to go there to avoid being in the wide open. I had not predicted the heat. I knew in the north of the forest was a small river. If we took that route it would take a day longer to reach the capital. We needed water, so we treaded north.

I halted when I heard a sound from the tree behind me. We were surrounded!

Meanwhile, in a house near to the Zillara-Wild Lands border..

"You've nearly hit that one, Lilith. Focus on your target." Detrineus watched as his pupil, Lilith, try to scorch a pig.

"Yes, sir!" Came the overly enthusiastic reply of Lilith.

She focused on the pig, which was running around the enclosure that it's in. When she felt that she had locked her focus on the pig, she muttered the incantation while raising her hands in an upward sweeping motion to call on the power of Anima magic. Immediately, a small fireball rocketed from the sky, heading for the pig. It hit the pig full-on, the force of the magic burning the pig enough to send it running from her.

"Good job, Lilith." The old man ruffled her hair in a sort of congratulatory gesture. "But mind you, Lilith, Dark magic is slower and harder to cast, which means you really have to focus. But we''l head on to that when I believe you've gotten strong enough."

Then, they heard the sound of hooves galloping at a fast pace, and they looked to see a cavalier, sword in hand, stop in front of them.

"Sir Detrineus, there has been a systematic attack by the barbarians!" The cavalier said.

"What's the situation?" Detrineus pulled out a rolled-up map of the Zillara-Wild Lands border, with markings of the outposts of the Patrol.

"There has been a breach in the first line, outposts 12, 13, and 14. Scouts said it was the work of Boar Riders. The second line's defenses are crumbling as well, and they're nearing this line."

" Okay. You may go back to your station. Lilith, let us ride." The two ran to the stable and rode a horse to the outposts.

At the last defense line, lined up with the wall itself..

Snipers and archers are in place, and the cavaliers have formed two teams per outpost. The remaining soldiers, mages, and a small squadron of knights are systematically placed in each of the outposts.

And the true last line of defense, the two small forts that guard the sole iron door that is the portal to Zillara Proper, is where Detrineus and Lilith were.

In the central Zilarian/wild lands area dawn is upon a small encampment near a large old stone wall. Few people are outside watching the borders for any "suspicious activity". By the wall a brown haired teen and an old bald man are engaged in a magic duel. Bright beams are reflected back and forth until one stray beam knocks the staff out of the teen's hands.

"You have to have better endurance than that if you ever want to control the power of shine magic"
"I know master" Locke says, "But I cannot focus right now, I feel danger on the wind".
"Good, get your staff, trouble is brewing"
******5 minutes later******
The camp defense bell is ringing as the entire camp mobilizes to get to the wall. The bandits and beasts of the wild lands are aproaching ready to strike. There has never been peace between the two people in this area and today is a much larger strike force than normal.

A watcher calls "The Raiders are aproaching, be ready men they are not holding back this time!" as the archers of the village's defense camp line the walls with bows strung. Seconds later the arrows are fired and arrows are quickly returned. Locke and his master are quickly behind the archers healing all they can to keep the defense up. A bolt hits a defense force archer in the head and he quickly slumps over.

Master yells to Locke, "Locke, continue healing the injured. I need to get into the fray!" The teen is afraid to be left alone but he quickly gets his senses and continues to heal all the archers. Suddenly he spots the ladders going up as bandits begin to climb the walls. He knows that disobeying is going to get him punished but he has to defend master's land at all costs.

Quickly mumbling the tome of shine he fires a beam of light at the first axe wielding bandit climbing the wall. Stunned the bandit falls and brings the ladder down with it. Farther south he can see the magic power of the divine tome plowing the field and defending against arrows. The south side is safe he should travel to the northern part. Locke fires a few more beams down onto the fields to buy time for the swordsman and soldiers of the defense force to make it to the wall.

At the northern part the battle is worse. The bandits have made it to the top of the wall. The defense archers and watchmen are outnumbered; Locke dashes over firing waves at the bandits as fast as he can.

Light is a very accurate magic as it almost aims itself to your enemies. Locke however does not have the endurance to control so many beams at once. The waves fire everywhere and hit very few bandits and only gave his position away. His only choice now is to abandon the wall and back up the swordsman and soldiers of the defense force. Jumping off the wall locke rushes to the approaching defense force militia and tells them about what is happening. Their pace increases as they see parts of the wall already in flames including the southernmost part of the wall. They were outnumbered and unexpectedly attacked. Master's light shield can still be seen, but that area is too far away for the militia to reach right now.

The bandits quickly clear the wall and now are upon the camp. The militia engages the enemy and Locke is the only ranged support in the area. In a battle like this tactics need to be changed in order to not be killed and targeted. He needs to stay as far away as possible. He also needs to heal as many as possible. Looking back up at the wall he sees that the entire wall is in flames and large black smoke is flowing up around it. Hopefully the village or someone else will see. This is a losing battle.

Locke Calls out hoping to see masters light shield, "Master Co-" his call is cut short as a hand axe hits him in the chest, he buckles over as his last sights are the smoke rising. Hopefully someone will come he prays as he blacks out.

As the main force of the Wild Lands Patrol prepares for the barbarians' attack, a militia troop, riding a horse, stops right in front of the main camp.

Detrineus and Lilith, together with some mercenaries and a Paladin, named Edgar, went to the militia troop, which was speaking to a guard animatedly. The shaman waved the guard off, and spoke to the man.

"What has made you hurry? I heard that there was an encampment near Outpost 15, only on the inner side of the wall."

"Sir, our encampment has been overrun! They have triggered a flame attack, and only a small force remains!"

Detruneus turned to the scouts who were surveying the situation, "Are the lines holding?"

"Yes, sir, they are holding out good, and we have supplies for a good siege."

"Okay." Addressing the mercenaries and cavalier, he said, "We will reinforce this militia encampment! Even if we can hold out on this assault, the last thing we need is another attack in the back. Let us go! Edgar, you are to ride for the encampment posthaste and hold out with the militia as long as you can! Mind you, do not tire yourself before you go into the fray. Mercenaries, most of these bandits have axes, so your weapons will be good enough. Let us go!"

Before leaving the camp, he told Lilith, "Stay here. If anything goes wrong, use these runes." he gave four Light Runes to Lilith. "Spread them around you so you won't be harmed."

With that, the forces of Detrineus left.

*As Edgar reached the militia encampment*

Edgar reaches the encampment, to see a dwindling militia force getting crushed by the bandits' enormous force, and a young man, unconscious in the ground. He attacked the bandits with his iron sword, cutting the ranks easily due to his strength and skill with the weapon. When the ranks surrounding the militia have been destroyed and the troops freed, it was at this time that Detrineus' reinforcements arrived, easily cutting down the enemy ranks.

Detrineus, however, wasn't in the fray; he was at the fallen man's side. He applied three doses of vulneraries, which was enough to put the man into a stable condition. Immediately, he shakes the man awake.

"Where--where am I?"

"You are in the middle of a battle, young man, and you let yourself get hit! Now, stand up, and go back to the fray."

" Who are you?" The young man asked.

"I'm Detrineus, tactician and shaman of the Wild Lands Patrol. And you are..?"

"Locke. Apprentice of-"

"Let us stop the introductions and focus on the battle. Come! Let us drive these barbarians away!"

"You got it." The two readied their tomes, and prepared for battle.

At the border of Arae, north in the forest, Ramun and his guards are surrounded...

Arrows were flying everywhere my guards formed a circle around me and held up their sheilds. I hate to resort to violence, but the attackers showed no sign of stoping. I cast elfire above the knights and hit one of the attackers.

The man near him screamed,"They have a mage with em! Close in for the attack, we'll never let bandits take over our village!"

Their men were closing in, at least twenty to our six. I told one of my paladins to rush for their leader. He did, while leaving a gap in the circle that was protecting me.The myrmadins' swords were crashing on the sheilds of my Generals and Paladins. One got through the defences and started swiping at me.

"Please stop! I don't want to hurt you!,"I yelled. It seemed if I didn't act I would be the one getting hurt. I cast elfire and knocked the man out.

My paladin guard had reached the leader(who was a low level warrior) and held his lance at his throut. All the men stopped and stared. I walked up to him.

"We are not bandits, we have come from Hillis to make a peace treaty with Arae," I told the warrior. My paladin let go of him and he stood up straight and chuckled.

"You can never be sure these days," he answered, "Come to our village and we'll make it up to you." I agreed and we walked north west to his small village. Perhaps there we were safe.

"My lord, Zillaro XII!" Tyrone said to the king, bowing deeply.

"Please, enough with the groveling," the king said, "You're the only one who still bows and everything, even though I've told you more than anybody else. Can't you keep up with the times?"

The present king of Zillara was young, polite, and kind. His abilities as a politician and general were still developing, but he was quite competent.

Tyrone laughed at the comment and then began his report.

"...we were overcome by their numbers, but we received very few casualties or permanent injuries." Tyrone finished.

"Hmm." the king said thoughtfully. "Gunther!" the king called his supreme general.

"Yes, mi'lord?"

"Zillaro Phillip, Gunther. Do we have sufficient forces to spare for an expeditionary force to Claros?"

"Hardly, sir. Attacks from the Wild Lands are getting oddly frequent. We would need to begin drafting to form an army of sufficient numbers for an expeditionary force."

"Damn." Zillaro said roughly. "Sorry Tyrone, I cannot help you with your predicament."

"It is not a concern of yours, lord." Tyrone bowed in a sarcastic manner. "Shall I send my guard to the border to help?"

"Tyrone, they are your soldiers, not mine..." replied Zillaro.

"Understood. I will put myself to some good, then."

And so Lord Tyrone exited King Zillaro's presence.

At the city's pub...

Rescel sipped his glass of wine. He wasn't one to knock back pints by the score, unlike the beastmen soldiers or the warriors and heroes who were similarly fit. Getting hangovers may have been their passion, but it wasn't one of Rescel's hobbies.

"Sure that's all you're drinking?" the cat-woman bartender asked.

"Yeah." Rescel responded, looking at his merrymaking companions. "I'd lose a drinking contest for sure."

"That ain't the point. You're supposed to get drunk and have fun in bars."

"Not me." replied Rescel, finishing off his glass. "Just stack that on my tab."

"Hey!" Rescel yelled at a bunch of youths creeping through a broken window. "You lose your key? That's not the most efficient way of getting into your house!"

"This isn't our house!" One of them said.

"You stupid-"

"Why did you..?"

Goodness, Rescel thought, that wasn't even a clever comment and one of them still proved their guilt.

"Doesn't matter if someone saw us if he ain't around to tell nobody..." the boy who looked like the leader of the group said, drawing a knife.

"How'd he see us, anyhow?"

"It must've been the glass!"

"Shaddup and get your knives ready!"

Rescel stood with not even a hand on his sword's hilt as they surrounded him.

"Hey! You gonna die, hear me? Why aren't you moving?"

"I can stand kids running around being naughty..." Rescel said in a bored tone. "I may be frail, but I won't stand to such a blatant insult."


Rescel elbowed one of the four in the face. He fell back saying something about his nose. As the others stood surprised, Res drew his blade and blinded them with a flash of light.

"Aaagh!" the leader swung his knife wildly at nothing. Res swung his lade back and cut him across the chest. It was shallow, but it was enough to convince the delinquent to lay down.

"What are you doing!" a patrolman ran up to the scene of the scuffle.

"These four were breaking into my house." Rescel said simply. "So I gave them a warning in case they wanted to invade my space ever again."

Rescel didn't give the guard anything else, but simply went into his house and lay on the bed. He wanted to rest so he could avoid needing any when he and his unit would have to go to the Wild Lands the next day...

Renewed and regenerated, Locke saw the battle with new fresher eyes and a fresh perspective. In fact he never felt more alive in his entire life. His life renewed life gave him energy to spare and he was not eager to let it be used up by idling. With a flash he rushed into battle leaving Detrineus in the dust. All you could hear from Locke was a, "Thanks mister, I will meet up with you soon".

The battle was now well underway and the new forces that came with Detrineus was easily holding off the bandits of the wilds. Looking to the west Locke could see the calvary of the near by zilarian town. It would take them at least 10 minutes still. He needed to defend the people until then. The camp was still untouched.

Seeing the first battle Locke concentrated all his energy on the nearest bandit and released the power of the Shine. With the energy he now had, rays did not come out but daggers; daggers of light rushed out of his hands and pierced the nearest bandit. The bandit died on impact and came crashing into the ground. Finally Locke understood and had the endurance he needed to control light magic. His near death experienced gave him a new life and new power. Putting the staff on his back he rushed into battle with his hands glowing white.

******* After the end of the battle, checking the camp********

Detrineus stuck out among all the knights and soldiers and Locke spotted him quickly. Locke rushed over to his new shaman ally and greeted him again.
"Uh, Thank you again for you help back there. I owe you well more than my life"
Detrineus responded with a smile, "Think of it as nothing, you were someone in need and I could not just leave you there"
"Ya, well... It was still great of you to do that." "oh" he said with a pause, "I need to check my tent. master must be done with the battle and healing now."

In his tent Locke was hit with a shock. There was no one in it but master's large robe, bloodied and laying in the center of the room. Locke fell to the floor and looked at it; there was a piercing in the back of the robe and around it was a large blood stain. Tears welled in Locke's eyes as Detrineus entered the tent.

"I see" Detrineus said, almost instantly knowing what happened.
Locke looked up at the elder Shaman and felt the warmth of happiness engulf him. Master once said to him that if he should ever die then Locke will earn all his possessions. Locke quickly opened master's bed chest and saw only a few odd things laying there: a map, a icon of the goddess and a robe that looked to be of the finest materials Locke has ever laid his eyes upon. The map had some areas circled and starred. These areas included an area in the cursed dessert, some forest in Hillis and a town in Arae. There were also inscriptions on the map pointing to the starred areas of the circles.
"I think I know what I have to do" Locke said, waving the map in front of Detrineus. "The town can defend the gate now without me, What do you think Detrineus?"
Looking at the map, Detrineus responded quizically, "You understand this? I have been here for many years and it makes no sense to me".
"Well, I don't... But! I know I should go to these areas" Locke looks at Detrineus with a smile on his face, "You will come with me of course right?"
Taken aback Detrineus responds, "I have a pupil and land I need to get back to"
"I see" Says Locke, "Then I shall go with you and we shall discuss our plans later!"

The assaulting forces on the encampment are apparently retreating, as the barbarians ran from the encampment. The militia troops retreated to the encampment, placing two scouts at the breach to watch for any enemies charging to them.

Locke and Detrineus are on the encampment, resting and discussing about the activity in the Wild Lands.

"..Two major attacks in the previous month. Normally, attacks like this are occasional, but there has been an increase in barbarian activity recently. We have been asking His Majesty Zillaro XII to send us a number of catapults, but we only received the normal shipment of supplies." Detrinues said.

"Well, the area near the wall has been my training ground for some time. My master is..wait, where's Master?" The two haven't seen the priest for quite a while. As they started to search the encampment, a cavalier rode up beside them.

"Sir, the barbarians are pulling out! They're retreating!" The cavaler said.

"Very good job. Send one of the scouts with a myrmidon as an escort. Order them to follow the barbarians to a league's radius. Once they cross a league, have them take note of the enemy units and find their encampment. If they find the enemy camp, have them take note of important details. if the barbarians regroup before they reach the league's radius, pull back and run to the barrier posthaste."

"Yes, sir." The cavalier rode off.

"Well, shall we find your Master? Edgar can lead the militia troop temporarily."

"Of course." The two magic users started to set out, but not before..

"You may go ahead, Locke. I will have to do a small thing first." Detrineus took out a tome of Flux, and used the dark power to raise it to reading height. He chanted an incantation, and a sphere of Dark magic formed in front of him. He focused on the power to manipulate it to a blade. When it was finished, he held the sword in his hand, and the tome hidden beneath his robes. Locke was near him, astounded.

"No normal shaman could do that." Locke said to him.

"I will explain later. Let us go; time is running fast." The monk and shaman hurried (I think shamans don't run) out of the encampment and onto Wild Lands territory.

It was starting to get dark when the two spellcasters headed into the unknown lands of the wild. Little was known about the area when they entered so they moved at a pace that was leisurely for Locke but hurried for Detrineus. In the inky darkness ahead they could see what looked like many eyes watching them. Detrineus seemed unmoved but Locke was worried. This area is not the safest choice for just two people.

"So tell me Locke" Detrineus said, trying to get the teen's mind off of the immediate danger they are facing, "How did you end up this far to the outskirts of the country?"
"Well, I don't really know" Locke replied, "All I really remember as a child was being moved around alot. That is until I came here and started training with the defense force of the eastern wall"
"So your choice in light magic was not your own?"
"Well, I remeber having the option to take a sword or help the injured. I chose the staff because supposedly it turned very bright when I touched it. I don't really remember"

Detrineus and Locke came to a stop at the forest's edge in the wild. Looking up they saw that if they entered now they surely could not see. Just then they heard a large squeal from behind them. Detrineus drew his sword and thrust into the already dead corpse of a very large spider.
"Show yourself archer!" Detrineus yelled, blocking a following arrow with a conjured shield of dark magic.
Then as almost from no where an archer walked foward from the forrest and dropped his bow.
"I am unarmed, you surely could not hurt an unarmed man"
Detrineus approached the archer's bow when suddenly he was grabbed by another person and found the blade of a knife against his throat
Detrineus choked up, "Robbing your own people? Please let us go before you regret wasting your time. I am but a hermit and this is my pupil, Travis, a wandering priest. We have nothing to give you but words and advice"
Locke, now Travis, took out his staff and quizically asked, "What do you want with us?"
The ranger replied, "After the battle today I learned I cannot trust you barbarian bandits. We had an agreement not to ransack my camp in exchange for my troop's support. Now seeing who you truly stand with I vow to kill all of you."
"My good man" Detrineus said with a knife still to his throat, "We are not of the barbarians, in fact we are against them. Travis here was in the battle today healing the Ziliarian defense force"
"Really now?" The ranger replied, "How can we trust you?"
"Come with us, if we do anything against your liking you are free to kill us. How many of your troop is left?"
"Just me and Rodney"
"Is this Rodney that is about to drain my blood?"
"That I am" laughed Rodney, releasing the old man from his grip. "And if it is ok with Charles then I think we shall join you."
Charles smiled and outstreched his hand towards Detrineus. "The barbarians of the wild are a fiercer group than you would expect." I would not enter the forest now because there are far too many guards patrolling the area. That is unless you want to be killed."
Rodney added in, "Do you have a base we can regroup in? There is no reason to rush to death this moment."

Detrineus smiled the warm smile that put anything at ease, "Of course, we shall head back to the defense force camp, and then with the escort of my men we shall head back to my house to plan and regroup. I think both of you just signed up for an adventure I do not think you will soon regret."

As they were walking back Locke whispered to Detrineus, "are they coming with us to the areas on the map? Can we really trust them?"
Detrineus smiled again, nodded and said "They wanted to get away from the forest didn't they? and I am sure they can be trusted."

-To be continued...

The Normal Boy

2007-11-17 17:53:51 by ramun-flame

Here's a story I wrote a while ago. Enjoy!

The Normal Boy

Eric was a normal fifteen year old boy. He woke up at 7:00. He skipped his breakfast, changed his clothes and walked to school. He would have a normal day. Go to his classes, eat lunch, and fall asleep in math class. Everything he did was normal. He did his homework, read books and went to bed at 10:00 every night. Nothing bad had ever happened to him. None of his cousins, grandparents or friends had ever died while he was alive. He never went to any amusement parks, no movies, not a thing that was entertaining. His mother worked as a flight attendant and would not get home until 11:00. His father was a doctor and would not get home until even later at night. He had an older brother who had moved out and an older sister who was a senior in high school. None of them particularly liked or disliked him. He had a normal life.

He was happy with his life. He never complained. Even if he wanted to he was always alone. He walked across his room. The book he always read was on the shelf he always put it on. It was very consistent, that is what he liked. He never really took a liking to people. They were not consistent. You could never tell what they were going to do. They were not like his book. As he began to read, he always read aloud, he stuttered at the word "to". He had never done that before. He did not "stutter". He continued to read flawlessly for the rest of the day. As he walked out of his room and down the stairs he pondered on the thought of him making a mistake. It was not normal, but he was a normal boy. The fridge was opened. That was not normal. Perhaps his sister was trying to confuse him. He never did like her. As he closed the fridge he noticed that there were only two shelves. He had thought there were three. No, he knew there were three. He would not disturb his sister in the living room. It would bother him more to talk to her. She was watching the television. He didn't like the television either. He much preferred his books.

He walked to the table. Everything was normal here. Six chairs surrounded the table. He sat down at the one to the right of the table. He always sat there, it was his seat. He ate the food his mother left for him. Today it was hamburger with lettuce and ketchup, nothing else. As he ate he couldn't believe his eyes, the chair to his left was gone. Now he was very confused. He had just seen it a second ago. Now he was afraid. He left the hamburger on the table and ran upstairs to his room. As he lay in his bed at 8:30, he panicked at the thought that he was losing his mind. He couldn't be losing his mind because that was not normal, but he was a normal boy.

The next day he woke up at 7:30. He had never been late before. He ran to his closet to change his clothes. Today was Tuesday. He always wore the shirt with red vertical stripes that day. It was not there. In its place was an all black shirt with no collar and long sleeves. He did not have time to think. He ran to school in hopes of not being late. He walked into his Latin class at 8:58. While he walked in he got many stares. Some girl was in his seat.

The teacher asked "How can I help you?" Of course he would tell him that this girl was in his seat, but before he could say anything the teacher repeated "How can I help you?" Then he got up to his desk and started writing something down. Perhaps he was taking attendance. There must be something wrong with this. He rushed out of the room, then the bell rang and people started walking out of classrooms. Class had just started. Why were they leaving? He ran into the rest room and looked in the mirror. His face looked back. What was happening to him? Was he going mad?
Suddenly his face transformed. It grew older, more pale and emotionless. He quickly felt his face. It had not changed. The continued to stare at him, then everything faded. Everything was black, as black as his shirt. The face was still there, then he found himself sitting down, hands restrained to the chair. It was cold. He appeared in a dark room. Light showed from a small window in the top of the wall. It was very clean with carpet on the floor. He saw a trail of blood leading to a dead man in a white lab coat and glasses.

The pale faced man stood in front of him, you could see his full body now. He wore a brown or red sweater (you couldn't tell in the darkness) with black pants.

"Who are you?" Eric asked.

"I am your way out of here." He replied. "Your name is Daniel Holm and you have been living a dream. See that table to your right, on it are needles that contain a serum that when injected into the brain causes you to live in a different world in your mind. They have been giving you daily doses as an experiment. I contaminated your injection for today so you would wake up and escape. Your days as a guinea pig are over."

He grabbed a key out of his pocket and unlocked both of the locks restraining the boy's hands. "Use this if you have to." The man held out a loaded gun. Eric, or should I say Daniel grabbed the gun slowly and stood up. "There will be guards everywhere." The man explained. He started to walk towards the door. "We will have to take the left..." Blood leaked out of the back of his head. "Why..." the man sighed with his last breath as he fell to the ground.

Daniel, no Eric replied, "It is not constant." He took one of the needles and injected it into his head then blacked out. He woke up in his room sitting on his bead. Was he back in his life? He walked across the room. The book he always read was on the shelf he always put it on. He read flawlessly. He walked out of his room and started down the stairs. His sister stared at him from the bottom of the stairs.

She said, "How are you...Daniel?"

Sending my wii in...:(

2007-10-23 20:12:32 by ramun-flame

Well, if you know me from the SSBC then you know that my wii never accepts my brawl disk and the disk is perfect, but still take over 100 tries before it works. I though my wii was just retarted, and then I found this on the nintendo support page. It says how brawl doesn't work on some wiis and that they will fix it for free if you send it in. So I'm sending my wii in soon, wish me luck!


I sent it in already and got it back within a week. now brawl works flawlessly. Yay!!(although i suck now since i havn't played in so long...)